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Trump's Trade War with the World


The US under the Trump administration is retreating itself from the global stage and is abdicating from its global leadership responsibilities, that it has created, espoused and advocated since World War II.


Trade War Timeline - America vs. World


Starting January 21, after Trump's inauguration; January 23, 2017, signs Executive Order to exit TPP; June 22, 2018 Trump threatens 20% tariffs on car imports from the EU; to July 2018 when Chinese tariffs on $34 bn worth of US imports come into effect.

STEEL Advisory Partners

Trade wars between America and its major trade partners in 2018 ?


The United States (US) was a founding member of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) that was enacted on January 1st 1948. Since then, the US has been advocating trade liberalisation.

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