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Emergency  Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness


Emergency Preparedness will determine how quickly your company is back in business following a disruption. While each disruption is unique, your organisation can be better prepared if it plans carefully, puts emergency procedures in place, and practices for emergencies. 


Prepare for Emergency by Planning Today.


Plan to Stay in Business



Our Emergency Preparedness framework is designed to launch a process of learning about business preparedness. Business Continuity Planning will enable key decision makers to proactively identify organisational vulnerabilities.

Train  &  Communicate

Talk to Your Employees


Providing for your employees’ well-being is recognized as one of the best ways to assure your company’s recovery. That means communicating regularly with employees before, during and after an incident.


Assessment of Risks



Our audit examines whether the company internal structure, processes, and controls for emergency preparedness are adequate for an effective response to emergencies. The audit findings will reveal opportunities for improvement. 

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