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Nearly three years have passed since the 2016 Brexit referendum when 51.9% of the British people decided that the United Kingdom (UK) should leave the European Union (EU). Since then, there have been multiple rounds of negotiations and numerous meetings between the British Prime Minister Theresa May and the various European leaders as well as between other UK and EU officials.


Despite the fact that there has been an agreement between the UK and EU for a withdrawal deal, the Brexit deadline on March 29th, 2019, has come and long gone with no real Brexit in sight. This is because of the inability of Theresa May to put order within her own Conservative Party and get the Withdrawal Agreement voted by the British government. As a result, May had to plead twice for a Brexit deadline extension. Now the current Brexit deadline that the EU granted to the UK is October 31st, 2019. It looks like the Brexit drama will continue on with a deal being very unlikely made. Below is the Brexit timeline of the key events that led to the Brexit referendum and from then on till now.

Brexit Latest Updates (July 2019)

  • July 23rd

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt were the leading contenders to take over from Theresa May and become the next Prime Minister. In the end, Boris Johnson won the support of the Conservative Party with 92,153 members voting for him against 46,656 votes for Jeremy Hunt. Boris Johnson will become the next Prime Minister after formally being appointed by Queen Elizabeth.

  • June 7th

Theresa May formally resigned as Conservative Party leader. Search for a new leader is still ongoing. Tentative vote for a new Conservative Party leader on July 23rd. Prime Minister May will remain in office till then.

  • May 24th

After losing the support of her Cabinet, Theresa May announced her resignation as the leader of the Conservative Party. Her resignation will be effective on June 7th. May will remain Prime Minister till the next party leader is designated.

TIMELINE  -  KEY  BREXIT  EVENTS ( February 2016 - April 2019 )

STEEL Advisory Partners - Brexit Key Eve
STEEL Advisory Partners - Brexit Key Eve
STEEL Advisory Partners - Brexit Key Eve
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